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We renovate all kitchens. 

We do partial renovation or full kitchen renovation. 

We specialize in installing kitchen cabinets, counter tops, sinks with faucets, tile backsplashes and floor, under-counter lights, and appliances.

Below is a description of a full kitchen renovation.

  • Demolition kitchen and customize the rebuilding of private and professional kitchens

  • Install plumbing pipes

  • Install sheet rock and cast floor (using cement)

  • Tile floor - Ceramic, porcelain, marble and commercial

  • Install kitchen cabinets (we install customize cabinets)

  • Install appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dish washers, and microwaves

  • Install hardware - Cabinet handles, knobs, hinges, hooks, and towel rods

  • Install counter tops - marble, granite, corien and Formica

  • Install backsplashes

  • Plaster, sand and paint walls

  • Connect plumbing and electrical

  • Clean-up working area after every work day

  • Provide client with a punch list to approve work that was done

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Before – Demolition Kitchen                      After    - Install new cabinets

             - Remove old cabinets &                              - Install new stainless steal appliances

               appliances                                                - Install tiled backsplash

                                                      - Install granite counter top

                                                      - Install under counter lights


Before - Demolition Kitchen                                                      After    - Install new cabinets

            - Remove old cabinets & appliances                                              - Install under counter lights

                                                                                      - Install tiled backsplash

                                                                                      - Install granite counter top



Before - Demolition Kitchen                                                        After    - New cabinets with Sink & Faucet

            Remove old cabinets & sink & tiled backsplash                                - Install new cabinets, granite counter top, under counter lights



Tiled Backsplash - Demolition backsplash; run electrical wires for outlets and

                              under counter lights; install and cast sheet rock; apply tiles and grout

                            - Install tiled backsplash

                            - Install granite counter top

                            - Install under counter lights

                            - Install stainless steal appliances



 Kitchen Floor - Tiled
Cast & reinforce floor; apply tin set and install tiles then grout





Before - Demolition Kitchen                                         After    - Install new cabinets

                                                       - Install new stainless steal appliances

                                                                         - Install tiled backsplash

                                                                         - Install granite counter top

                                                                                                 - Install under counter lights

                                                                                                 - Install ceiling lights

                                                                                                 - Install new sink and faucet


                           - Demolition ceiling, rebuild ceiling frame and install sheet rock;
                           - Plaster, prime & paint ceiling; Install ceiling lights (high hats)


No job is too big or small for us. We are here to address our customers needs.


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